About Us

We are 50 somethings who moved from the suburbs of a large U.S. metropolitan area two and one-half hours away to a small town. We now live on 5 acres in a 1926 four square which was the homestead of a large dairy farm. Soon after moving here we started raising six Silver Appleyard ducks and two Katahdin sheep. We are learning this farming thing as we go. We love our new town and have met so many welcoming and interesting folks. Our helpful 20 something children come and go. We hope you enjoy this record of our everyday life.


The name of our farm comes from the dairy farm – Glen Almus – my Grandfather owned briefly with his brother. The two decided to split up with the farm going to his brother and the butcher shop in town going to my Grandfather. The first online definitions I found were “a narrow valley” for glen and “nourishing, kind, propitious, bountiful” for almus. It seemed like a very fitting name for our situation.

Maureen and Dave

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