A Month of Posts


Bonnie and Emmy Lou are mothering their four chicks together.


Ground Ivy growing at the foot of the elm tree in the backyard.


The chicks quickly started eating greens we brought to them.


Dolly hanging around the brooder.


Tom Thumb lettuce


Just two weeks old and the chicks are out and about.


Also up on the roost and atop mom. Already!


We attended the Augusta Garden Club tour. This copper beech impressed me the most. It was planted in 1945 and is huge. I don’t know how I didn’t notice this tree when I drove by it.


Leo/Rex and his ladies.


Dolly and the girls


Smokey striking a pose.


Found this radish in the barn garden this morning. It was just sitting out of the ground. Almost like it was saying – I’m ready to be eaten you dummy. I thought it was too early for the radishes to be ready and would not have checked for some time yet. How it got out of the ground will remain a mystery.


A flower bed with a new rock border and all mulched. Luminaria blooming in the background.


Picked this one as I could see the red peaking out of the soil.

Had a chicken liver and bacon salad for dinner. Delish!

Two firsts I saw today –

a rabbit in our pasture between the backyard and the spring house (did he have anything do do with the radish appearing – seems unlikely – wouldn’t he have eaten it?)

as I was driving home from Heartland Harvest I saw a cow licking it’s calf. The calf was curled up on the ground. I wonder if it had just been born?

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