An Update


Just a few photos of our rock borders. I hope it helps keep the weeds out of the beds and give us a definite edge of the border for weeding.



I haven’t found out what these pretty yellow flowers are yet.




Expecting temps in the 20’s tonight so picked the tulips, hyacinths and the last of the daffodils.


After I posted the previous post this morning I went out to the chicken coop to give the broody hens their daily dose of weeds and grass and to check on their water. I was surprised to hear tapping. I put my head close to the hens and was assured that it was coming from the nest. A little earlier than I thought. Chicks take 21 days to hatch and I was expecting something to happen on Thursday. I checked on them a couple times over the afternoon and about 4:30 there was a little peeping sound and I saw an eggshell just outside of the nest. The hens tail was facing outward. I’m sure she is working hard to keep the chick and eggs warm. We put straw and a wool blanket around the sides of the brooder to help. A little worried about them, but what will be will be. Wonder what we will find in the morning. Wish this wasn’t happening during a cold snap.

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