Catching Up


Damian made some sunny side up eggs from some of our first eggs.

I was surprised to see that my last post was from Jan. 2. I’m trying to stay off the computer but I did not intend to go so long without posting. So now I have some catching up to do!


I’ve been in touch with a woman in Roanoke who has Red Dorkings and she is interested in taking two of our five Red Roos. She is having trouble getting up here to get them so we still have seven roos. We are waiting for some mild weather to butcher the other two we don’t want to keep.


We traded a dozen eggs for a basket of lettuce from our neighbors, Nancy and Eli. The lettuce was nice to have when my sister and niece visited a couple weeks ago. So green and fresh. Nancy uses little hoop houses to protect the lettuce from frost.

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