Tomato starts, Cabbages and Collards, Ducks and a Thunderstorm


I repotted the tomatoes this morning.


The cabbages and collards had a rough week last week. It looks like the glass bowls protected them from the freezing morning temps and the wind…the wind…it was soooo windy last week.


I wasn’t sure they were going to make it. The above pics are of the best looking plants. We’ve had very mild temps the last few days and even the plants that looked iffy have new growth and are really perking up.


Had to round up the ducks this morning. They were on the neighbors property and trying to get back to ours and were blocked by a fence. With arms wide, Damian and I moved them back down the hill toward the creek and through the opening in the fence. We are able to direct them by walking behind them with our arms out wide. Usually, they’ll go the way we want them to.



We had a fierce thunderstorm this afternoon. I didn’t have a chance to check on the cabbages and collards.

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