Springtime Work

IMG_0013   Cabbage

IMG_0014  Collard

I took these photos a couple days ago. They loved the warm weather we had yesterday and now a few have three true leaves.


Working on the front beds. A couple years of neglect and the grass really took over.





Today. More to do but so much better. I plan to plant herbs in the bare spots. In a month or two there will be fewer bare spots to fill in. I know at one point these were lovely garden beds and I wish I could identify all I saw growing here last summer. Ah, last summer – despite a couple of attempts on my part to pull out the grass, these beds weren’t in their glory. It’s that awful grass that runs a few inches under ground and snaps when you pull a piece of it. Sometimes you are lucky and a large strand of it comes out but you know you didn’t get it all. We are talking about skimming the grass around these beds and applying a deep mulch.

Today I started more seeds inside – sage, lavender, anise hyssop and a lot more creeping thyme. I figure the thyme can be tucked in here and there and not tower over other things. I just read in The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch that the creeping thyme isn’t a culinary type of thyme. I’ll have to pick up a culinary type seedling at the farmers market because I’m almost out of my dried culinary thyme. How I’m looking forward to the opening of the local farmers markets!

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