Watering the Cows

And enjoying a half hour on our neighbors property. They went to the beach and asked Dave to make sure there was enough water in the troughs for their cows.

Prepare for lots of photos. A storm threatened us all evening and finally gave us a little light rain later on. Harrisonburg got 2 1/2 inches of rain in 35 minutes! We need rain but I’m glad we didn’t get that! I included so many photos because the light/sky kept changing. It was too hard to select out.

This is a view of our house from theirs.

The side of the barn

Looking at the field behind their house.

Across the street to the right of our house.

One of the dairy barns that used to be part of our property. The people that live there converted it into their home. They hold bluegrass and country dances there every Saturday night.

Sunflowers in the vegetable garden

Noting the eastern red cedar because I’m reading that book about trees.

Looking toward the house from the vegetable garden.

What we are here for!

Sky is darkening

The house has the original tin shingled roof.

I love this stair rail!


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