Winter Blast


Not the first time we’ve woken up to very low temps this winter. And it is forecasted to be below zero tomorrow morning.


Our sensor is right by the house. says it is even colder. And look at those daytime temps. Yikes! A winter blast has hit Virginia!


Looking out my sewing room window.


I read about people spending days like this planning their summer gardens. I’ve been dreaming about it but so far haven’t done much in the way of real planning. We measured the barn garden and you can see here Dave did a drawing on graph paper. He seemed excited to pull out his engineering rulers. What a geek¬†gem. Last winter I read a lot of gardening and hobby farming books and I’m not even into doing that. So much of it is science and rules and I find that kind of thing overwhelming and in some ways taking the fun out of the process. As far as planning on graph paper, I can see me doing it and ordering the seeds and then one day I’ll go out to the garden and Dave will have planted everything according to a plan he just made up on the spur of the moment. We already have a lot of seeds so maybe I’ll just order a few things we don’t have that are on my wish list – like yarrow – things I know we ran out of – like spinach – and sweet potatoes slips. Is this a plan?

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