Landscaping Project Completion

Last Friday The Natural Garden completed the work on our back entry garden. This is the entry that we use most and is why we chose it to start with.


In the foreground they planted Pennsylvania Sedge, fern and our Lenten Rose.


Agustina wanted a specimen plant in the U so that is where she placed the Fringe Tree.


In the center are the transplanted False Indigo.


We got a new trash can (on wheels!) to celebrate. The old one was pretty shabby.


Woodland Stonecrop, a fern and columbine among the stones.


Columbine and Pennsylvania Sedge in the U with the Fringe Tree.


The rain garden. They planted three Red Bud Trees. They will provide some much needed shade in this area. In the original plan, Agustina included an oak tree. We didn’t want something so large so close to the house. I’m glad we decided not to include a large shade tree. I recently red that Red buds bloom best in full sun.



Some Coral Bells and ferns around the Red bud.



In the center of the photo are Viburnum shrubs.



Our youngest chickens.


With momma hen, Emmylou. She still has all ten of her chicks.


They like to hang out in the Pyracantha next to the tool shed.


Why would I include this photo? At this time of year we have an abundance of fireflies. This is the view from our bed and on recent nights I look out and see their lights in the spruce tree. I often can’t help myself when I see this and get out of bed to see the light show they give in the pine forest across the creek. Better than any firework show.


One of the Meadow Petunias is already blooming.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing photos of our new garden quite often.

Here is a list of what they planted-

Red bud

Fringe Tree

Rhododendron (they will plant these in the fall)


White Wood Aster (also to be planted in the fall)

Aromatic Aster

Lady Fern

Pennsylvania Sedge

Blue Mistflower

Pale Purple Coneflower


Coral Bells

Soft Rush

Provence Lavender

Blazing Star

Wild Quinine

Christmas Fern

Orange Coneflower

Meadow Petunia

Little Bluestem

Woodland Stonecrop

Creeping Thyme

Golden Alexander

We transplanted from the original garden Lenten Rose, Bleeding Heart, Wild Ginger, Woodland Geraniums, Meadow Rue and False Indigo. Over the weekend we added some bulbs Daffodils, Snowdrops, Green and Gold, Virginia Bluebells (not sure these are bulbs, they looked more like roots) and a few Tulips and Hyacinths. There were a few bare spots so I went to nearby JMD Nursery and picked up some Meadow Sage and Lantana. The Lantana is the only annual included.

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