Snowy Day

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Yesterday, it snowed most of the day – a pretty fluffy snow that didn’t accumulate quickly. We got about 5 inches. I went outside around 7am to let the ducks out of their house and it was the first time they didn’t rush out. I brought them food and water and they eventually ventured out of the house but stayed nearby. I’m not sure if they felt vulnerable or what. Later in the morning they left for the creek and by then the sun was out and the temperature had risen considerably. The kittens, Eartha and Smokey, were cute playing in the snow. Freda, their mom, wanted inside. I’m allergic to cats. They spend the night in the cottage with Damian and he lets them out very early. With the cold weather Freda wants back in while Damian is still sleeping so we’ve let her in the house for a few minutes to a couple of hours. On my bed is a big no, no so she didn’t stay there long. I’d love to have her in the house so it is hard to say no to her but we must. Anyway, her job is outside hunting moles.

Extremely cold temps – like below zero – are expected soon. Possibly more snow this weekend. We have a toasty fire going in the wood stove, the freezer is full, I have a baby quilt to make and some good books to read. I’m ready!

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