First Day of Spring


Unidentified flowers in the pasture.


One of the hens came to check me out.



So this is where they’ve been laying. We have 4 hens sitting on clutches of eggs. For a few days 3 of them were taking up 3 of our 5 nesting boxes. We finally moved 2 of them to brooder boxes. Meanwhile, the other hens found this corner in the barn to be a good alternative place to lay.

Of note – we heard chirping in one of the brooder boxes. Right on time – it was 21 days ago that our first broody hen settled on her clutch of eggs. No siting of chicks though as it was fairly chilly this afternoon. Expecting warmer temps this weekend.


Such power in this old oak. I love this tree.


Not focusing properly on this lone Lungwort or Pulmonaria.

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