A Good Day of Work


Damian shifted the kitchen garden compost so it is tucked into the corner more and turned the pile while he was at it.


This gal wanted to help.


The ducks were definitely having a heated discussion this morning. One of the females seemed to want to stay behind and the others didn’t like it. At one point she was in the boxwoods by the front porch. We wondered if she was going to nest there. She didn’t – finally following along with the flock down to the neighbor’s pond. I searched online for duck nests and we put together this one with an old drawer and scrap wood. This would be the safest place for one of the ducks to get broody. We’ll see if one agrees.


Damian put up the bluebird house.


The ducks spent a lot of time in the yard and down in the creek on our property today. I think the wild geese are taking up residence at the neighbor’s pond and this isn’t agreeable to them. The one duck really enjoyed the newly turned compost pile.


Dave worked hard cleaning the wallpaper glue off the walls in the bathroom and started putting up the bead board paneling.


I hung a picture and added a few more quilts to my quilt ladder.

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