Sorry, Duke, I couldn’t get your head in the photo. You’re too big!


Goofy Duke had never met a cat in the suburbs. They just weren’t around. I guess because most cats in the suburbs are house cats. Now, he has three cats who roam his backyard.  I still need to introduce Frida. She is momma cat to Smokey and Eartha. Frida, with reason, thought Duke was a threat to her kittens and would attack Duke if he came too close or if she just felt like it. They get along okay now. Eartha will hiss at Duke if he looks at her, but Smokey never picked up on this animosity.


Smokey is the only one of the three cats who will rub up against Duke. Duke wants to play with Smokey like a dog by grabbing him in his mouth. This was what got him in big trouble with Frida and us so he knows he isn’t to do it. Instead, he stands there and you can see him shaking slightly. Every once in a while he’ll make a quick move but then Smokey runs away. Duke doesn’t want Smokey to run away so he tries to stand as still as possible. It’s too funny.


Though they are not the best photos – we are in the mudroom – I’m glad I finally got some photos of it.

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