A Hot Saturday


Our summer squash isn’t doing too well. Fortunately, we’ve gotten some from neighbors and the farmers market.  Here, one of the chickens is eating a big zucchini I bought for them. Leo always has a watchful eye.


The kitchen garden in late morning.


I’m usually a cool color person – my favorites are blue, green and purple, but I love the combination of pink and orange. Beautiful in the sea of green.


Queen Ann’s lace growing in front of the potting shed.

It hit 92 degrees this afternoon.


The beginning of a bushel basket gourd. Will it really get that big?


I identified this vine growing near the wood pile in my Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs. It’s woody nightshade, bittersweet. It has many uses – treatment for acne, eczema, boils and warts among them.


This is growing everywhere. It isn’t in my field guide. I will have to find another source for identification.

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