A Productive Saturday Afternoon


Brought my rosemary plant inside and put it in front of a sunny window. It is forecasted to go down to 40 degrees tonight.


Dave and Damian digging post holes for a picket fence. In the foreground is the railing they painted a couple of weeks ago.


The ducks have been staying close to home this week.


I’m finally getting around to painting a wall cabinet I got off Craigslist a few years ago.

Before, During and After the Rain


Last week we had 7 inches of rain. Glad we picked the butternut squash and sweet potatoes the week before.


Duke walks by the sweet potato vines in the kitchen garden.


A country wedding in the rain. Congratulations to Holly and Marc.


During the ceremony I was distracted by this little country mouse.


This was the one day it didn’t rain last week. Picked some beets to send up to my mom.


Thought I’d take a photo of the cows across the railroad track. You might have to click on the photo to see them. We can often hear them and not see them.




The above 3 photos are from this evening.

I found one of our drakes dead in the creek two days ago. No sign of any attack – no marks on him. I buried him in the compost. The other drake and three ducks are staying close to home during the day. They did go off somewhere this afternoon and came back this evening.