The Home Stretch

Dave has spent the spring and summer painting the ceiling and trim and priming the walls of the foyer, stairway and upper hallway. A little bit here and there. Now we feel like he is on the home stretch by starting to paint the walls. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Green Tint. It’s a greyish green. We’ve been using their Simple White throughout the house.

Weekend Update


Friday afternoon these big chicks finally let me get close to them.


They are so goofy looking!


Emmylou had her little chicks in the barnyard.

Above she scratches and below…


she pecks. Over and over again. She has her work cut out for her with 10 chicks.


The pullets and cockerels.


A candy onion from our barn garden.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all had period of heavy rain. The landscapers were still here when it rained on Friday. They got soaked laying out these tarps. Above you can see the concrete from the old flag pole that they pulled out of the ground.


The landscapers didn’t come today because they were forecasting more rain. Sure enough it started raining around noon and we had periods of heavy rain during the afternoon.


Saturday Dave got out his new toy. See the water sitting in among the paw paw trees in the middle of the photo.


He was hoping to make some progress on removing this willow stump but the ground was too wet. You can see the tracks he is leaving in the grass.


Late Saturday afternoon we finished cleaning up the mess from the fallen ceiling.


Now we are looking for a plasterer.


Sam came over for Father’s day and helped us hang our local artists gallery. We wanted to hang the photos before finishing the paint job in case we wanted to change anything. I love how it turned out.

All before 9:00 am


The magnolia is blooming but not all over. I’ll have to investigate why this is. An all over bloom would be beautiful.



I guess we should have repaired this buckled ceiling before now. The only damage it caused was a broken lightbulb in the chandelier. Dave was in the guestroom above it when it happened. He’s blaming it on the humid weather. Is it wrong to be glad the room was already in need of dusting?

PS  The rolled up carpet and wicker chair oddly place in this room were not a design decision. Dave is in the months long process of painting the foyer, stairway and upstairs hall and had moved these things from the foyer for the duration.

Thoughts on Gardening and a Cozy Nook


It seems like this year the garden is looking better and we are a little more on top of things than the past couple of years. We didn’t do much planning. I think I overwhelmed myself with the planning in the past. We decided to reduce what we planted and to not make much of a plan as to where things would go until we were ready to plant. That seemed to work for us. I also think having the chickens in the gardens all winter and into the spring really kept the weeds down. We’ve also been getting leaf mulch collected by the city at Gypsy Hill park and mulching, mulching, mulching. I’ve also relaxed a little about what I have to get done in the garden. I generally spend at least a couple of hours a day puttering around, cleaning up and weeding. Yes, a much more relaxed approach is better. I think I was trying too hard before.


I know I’ve shared this room before. It has gone through several transformations since we moved here 3 years ago. I think I shared the new metal shelving we put in earlier this spring on the left side of the room. You can see it in the photo at the top of this post (left background). We call it the kitchen nook. Above, is the right side where I recently added the book filled cradle, black wicker chair ( found roadside), quilt topped table and the leaf green painted stool and chair pad. It’s a cozy little nook and I love how the sunlight streams in late in the afternoon.


Today’s harvest – 3 beets and 3 carrots.


A volunteer calendula.


From garden to table in less than an hour. I simply sliced the beets and carrots into a little water, butter and grated fresh ginger and simmered until tender. Very tasty with slowly braised beef brisket.

Organized Kitchen Nook

I always forget the before photo!


Here is our newly organized kitchen nook. We purchased two metal shelves (OMAR) from IKEA.


Before, this table was on the other side of the nook and it was piled high with stuff. Now it just has our seeds and seed catalogs. Time to start planning. Though part of the plan this year is to not spend so much time planning!


Next year we will store our harvested butternut and sweet potatoes here. We’ll keep the window shade down.


When we keep the quilt hanging at the doorway it keeps the nook very cool and the kitchen relatively warm. A couple weeks ago I measured the temperature in the nook at 50 degrees – 20 degrees less than the kitchen.


End of Year Wrap Up


A Super Moon (whatever that is!) in November. Too bad the street light is there.


Can you see the icicle on the elm tree? It is the sap from the tree.  We had a quick and steep drop in temperature the night before.


Dave was bothered by the absence of globes on the dining room chandelier. Me, not so much. The weekend after Thanksgiving he said let’s go to The Antique Factory and see if we can find some. I was very doubtful we’d find what we needed. Couldn’t believe he found some right away and they were 50% off! It does look much better with the globes.


Christmas cheer



Many photos of our Christmas Day hike in nearby Montgomery Hall Park.



The dogs had a great time being off leash. Not many people about.















We had a new visitor over Christmas weekend. A black and white kitten. I’m surprised our 3 cats didn’t chase it away. Hope we can find a new home for it. We certainly don’t need another cat.


More Christmas cheer.



More time for quilting in the winter. I’m basting my ocean waves quilt.


A couple days ago it was near 60 so Dave got out the chain saw and shredder and Damian and I helped him take down and shred some of the trees growing into the meadow…


and around the spring house. It seems to be some sort of invasive that keeps spreading into our native meadow.


Our daughters’ friend, Soupy, built these stairs for our tool shed. We are doing an hour exchange for her. Dave is doing computer work for her and I’m doing some mending.


Another photo of kitty. Uh, oh! We are all getting too comfortable!

Refreshed Sewing Room


I picked this room as my sewing room because it had this wall of closets. Originally, they had shelves inside them. I quickly realized that the storage space at the top was too high up for me. Even with a ladder I didn’t feel comfortable – the boxes were heavy and I was having to reach up over my head. The shelving didn’t work at all for my fabric, etc. so we took those out soon after we moved in a little over two years ago. Every once in a while I would mention to Dave that if he was in the mood for a deconstruction project he could take down these closets. The time came a couple weeks ago. I’m glad I thought to take the photo above after he spent a Sunday afternoon dismantling. The space on the right had a twin closet to the one on the left of the photo.


Everything gone and we could tell right away that it was the right thing to do. The room felt so much bigger and more light come from the east facing window.


Above and below – the same wall freshly painted.



This room was an apple green. This moonlight white sure brightens it up and is much better for letting my colorful fabrics take center stage. The inset shelves will soon be full of things – baskets of fabric, projects, magazines and other miscellaneous quilting supplies. I’m waiting until they are not just dry to the touch but cured. I’ve learned the hard way not to put things of any weight on a newly painted surface.


I don’t have as much time to quilt here with all the house and garden chores, but I still find it relaxing and fun. I’m still learning how to garden – quilting is a much more comfortable endeavor for me.

Thanks, Dave, for all the hard work. I love it!

Last Week

My last catch up post…for now anyway –




Last Wednesday, the day we got home from the family reunion, we found these two little ones with EmmyLou. We had moved her to the brooder before we left knowing it was about time.


Here she is keeping her two little ones warm on a chilly, for chicks, afternoon.


Bonnie and her brood



The ducks have a new pool.



Dave started taking down the closets in my sewing room on Sunday afternoon…


and finished on Monday. So much more light and room. Prep and maybe painting are on the agenda this weekend.


Dolly and her four chicks. Wait! What happened to the yellow one?!?! Turning black! I guess no different than a person with brown hair who was blonde as a baby.